Elan Wildcat 86 CX Powershift

Suitable for: FEMALE
Editors’ Choice

The brand new Wildcat series from Elan is the women’s equivalent of last year’s Elan Amphibio range – a collection of skis designed to bridge your progression from piste performer to all-mountain ripper.

If you currently feel most comfortable on the piste but are committed to expanding your mountain environment, the Wildcat 86 CX Powershift will help you do exactly that.

There’s a whole range of slightly less stiff, slightly narrower Wildcats to suit different ability levels, but we loved the 86 CX Powershift for its ability to hold up under the control of a strong skier.

It rides like a carver, stiff and grippy, but is a little more forgiving than a straight-up piste ski and comes with a wide shovel at the front for chewing up any deeper snow in your path. With 86mm underfoot to play with it copes well in different snow, inspiring confidence in chop, fresh and slush.

Smooth yet aggressive on the varied snow we experienced at this year’s Scottish Ski Test, the Wildcat 86 CX Powershift was easy to work, drove cleanly through the turn and generated a good bit of performance when pushed steeper and faster.

Built with Elan’s Amphibio Truline Technology, the ski is reinforced on the inside (so there’s a left and right ski), which allows for added pressure on the inside edge of the outside ski as you carve through the turn. The outside ski is where you want to stay balanced through a turn for high performance skiing, so this should help you perform your best turns.

The outside edges also have a slight rocker, which allows for easy turn initiation and better flotation through deeper snow.


Top technology packed into a versatile and super-fun ski that will bring out your wild side! Price includes bindings.

Elan Wildcat 86 CX Powershift
152, 158, 164, 170
14.7m @ 164
Weight per ski

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