DPS Pagoda Piste 90 RP

Suitable for: MALE

And now for something completely different…

DPS have been known and available in the UK for a few seasons, but mainly for their uniquely beautiful spoon-shaped freeride and touring skis. This year is the innovative US brand’s first foray into piste and boy does it look like a fun adventure we want to be part of!

With shapes shared with their new 2021 touring line (confusingly also called Pagoda, but with ‘Tour’ at the end instead of ‘Piste’ – obvs), the DPS team are joining the likes of Black Crows, K2 and Line in injecting a whole lot of fun into what has become a rather predictable category.

The Pagoda Piste 90 RP is what we in the UK would generally class as an All-Mountain ski, but we at Fall-Line (also in the UK) are more than happy to set anything on its edge and see what happens. We’ve skied the big DPS models before and they deliver two versions of each model – a hard charging, stiffer C2 lay-up and the more rockered, playful RP shape.

The 90 RP is the only model in the new Pagoda Piste category to feature the RP – ‘Resort Powder’ – construction and while it has been designed to push, grip and arc with the best of them, master blasters will still need to look elsewhere.

With a dual ash/aspen wood core and two layers of carbon, the Pagoda 90 RP is likely to feel more like a poppy playful puppy than a heavy metal high-speed screamer.

But if you’re partial to fresh soft snow, slushy spring conditions, and the odd mogul sesh, the Pagoda Piste 90 RP looks likely to bring spoony shaped flowing fun to your frontside antics. There’s a pair on hold for the first snow…


More like a poppy playful puppy than a heavy metal high-speed screamer.

DPS Pagoda Piste 90 RP
165, 171, 178, 184
18m @ 178
Weight per ski

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