Black Crows Justis

Suitable for: MALE
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Black Crows deliver an increasingly varied set of models, but they were first known for their punchy, powerful skis designed to lay big lines on big hills.

The Justis does indeed do justice to their heritage, with a double layer of metal controlling the grunt, a light sidecut offering directional stability, a smidge of rocker and plenty of camber to generate the power.

This is among the chargiest of our collection, out-beefing even the Salomon Stance with its need for speed to make the most of the mountain. It’s a wide, super-stable place from whence to aim your thousand yard stare and plunge into the fall-line.

“A very pukka all-mountain ski with a touch of pizzaz from Black Crows,” noted Dickie. “Punchy, fierce in the turn and plenty of drive makes for an advanced skier’s ride and it simply spat out the Scottish chop. It needs legwork to change line and you find yourself reading the terrain to play off it, pivoting off terrain features before charging slightly too fast into the next turn. Yet it still skids and drifts out, so isn’t as deliberately punishing as a long-turn piste ski.”

Lee was equally taken: “Want to stand out from the crowd? The tail shape on the Justis and its H-shaped titanal frame on the top deck make for an interesting look and gives solid performance through the entire ski but allows a little bit of forgiveness and damping in the shovel and tail. The Justis blasted through the mixed snow at the ‘Shee making mincemeat of the terrain; great fun in the mixed powder stashes and ice fields… A great all-terrain ski up there with other belters like the Enforcer 104.”


Punchy, fierce in the turn and plenty of drive makes for an advanced skier’s ride.

Black Crows
Black Crows Justis
171.3, 177.4, 183.1, 189.3
21m @ 183.1
Weight per ski
2150g @ 183.1

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