Vöšlkl – V-Werks BMT 94

Wickedly different. The stealthy black/red/white carbon appearance makes you feel like you’re going on a mission, not just a ski tour. The lack of camber and unusually long rocker leaves you wondering, but this is a ski that strokes the powder into submission. Until you stamp on an edge in hard-pack that is – then they step up to the task and you’re back in the heart of the action. Not the very lightest of the light, but exquisitely made and astoundingly energetic for a specialist construction. A narrower sidecut than the Scott Superguide doesn’t hamper the manoeuvrability because of the hefty rocker lifting the tip and tail clear – and that straighter edge and the inherent stiffness makes for a good edging ski. The only time you’ll need to concentrate is when skimming back down the cat tracks, when the short running length can make the BMT’s a bit twitchy. We’ll trade that for the effortless skiing everywhere else, anytime.




Includes binding


Available Lengths

Turn Radius (m) at ski length

Sidecut (mm) (tip/waist/tail)

Weight (g per pair)