Nordica – Enforcer 93/Santa Ana 93

Maybe the consummate freeride all-rounder. For the past few years we’ve pronounced the optimum size for a ski as around 100-107mm underfoot. Much less and you lose float; much more and the piste performance suffers. It turns out this width range is a generalisation – try punching a pair of Enforcer 93s through soft snow chasing your homies and you’ll realise you’re in no way undergunned. Now feel the flex – isn’t this just the sweetest feeling ski you’ve tried? The weight-unweight turn procedure is just as joyful. The Enforcer 100 is up there amongst ski shops’ favourite freeride ski, but we’re all conflicted over the 93 – is it better? Well, for anyone who isn’t hammering everywhere, or weighs less than 80kg, or wants to get into freeride without stepping up too far in width, we’d point you at a pair of Enforcer 93s (and the women’s identical equivalent – the Santa Ana 93). The construction is de-tuned from the full-fat 100, but this isn’t a compromise – just a bit easier. Pick a pair a couple of cm over your height and you’ll have all the off-piste lift needed, plus plenty of edge to ski piste like you mean it.




Includes binding


Available Lengths

Turn Radius (m) at ski length

Sidecut (mm) (tip/waist/tail)

Weight (g per pair)