Nordica – Enforcer 100

The Nordica Enforcer has been around for a couple of years now, and it’s been a favourite of ours ever since it was first introduced. It’s quite simply one of the best all-mountain skis on the market for anyone who spends at least 50% of their time riding ungroomed snow ‘ whether that’s deep powder, remote backcountry couloirs, just beyond the ropes or even just cut up slush bumps at the end of the day. The key to the Enforcer’s genius is the construction and the generous amount of metal Nordica have sandwiched around the wood core, with two sheets of titanal running across the full width of the ski. This results in phenomenal edge grip and power transfer for a 100mm ski, but more importantly contributes to the skis’ incredible smoothness. The Enforcers aren’t some unbendable bonkers big mountain charger that doesn’t come alive until you hit 50mph ‘ though we haven’t found a speed limit yet ‘ but rather feel like the Cadillac of the ski world, with a luxuriously cushioned ride that becomes seriously addictive. Don’t confuse this with dullness though. While the Enforcers certainly are happy cruising around like they own the hill, the shape is built for pure sport once the morning coffee kicks in. Long and low tip and tail rocker provides just enough lift to keep everything flowing in deep snow without sacrificing effective edge length, and the 18.5m turn radius (in the 185cm) is right on the money for fast, hard, not-quite-GS-size carved turns on-piste. Lay them over and set an edge and you really feel the benefits of the ‘damp but not super stiff’ metal laminate construction as they bend readily into perfect arc after perfect arc, with no hint of the edge breaking away. Transitioning into new turns further reveals just how well tuned the Enforcers are, with just the right amount of pop and a smooth, powerful rebound. It’s in cut up, rough old snow where they’re really at their best though, and where they prove just how versatile they are. If the snow’s just a bit too hard, or the bumps a bit too big and slope too steep, they’ll quite happily billygoat down ‘ the subtle rocker allows you to break the tail out and smear or slash at will when you want to keep the speed down or when nimbleness is a priority. Yet they also always have your back when you finally do MTFU and point it, cushioning and smoothing out any lumps and bumps in the way. It’s for this characteristic that we’re awarding them our ‘Best for Mostly Off-Piste’ prize. When everyone is else tired and moaning about conditions at the end of the day, the Enforcers lap everything up so joyfully that you can’t help but continue rallying through the chop and airing from mogul to mogul right until last chair. And any ski that makes us ski more and longer deserves recognition.

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