K’stle – RX12 SL

K’stle are bringing sexy back to piste skis in a big way with the all-new RX12 SL, an aggressive race-inspired slalom machine with the edge and dark glamour of a Hollywood vampire queen. Like a hot-blooded Arabian stallion they exude beauty and purpose. A palpable aura of power emanates from the jet black top sheets. When first handling the RX12 SL it swiftly becomes clear that this ski will take no prisoners: they are stiff, heavy, and heavily-cambered, with an aggressive 12.5m sidecut and brutally square metal-edged tails. The poplar and ash core is made of only the best quality wood, sandwiched between double sheets of titanal and fibreglass with an extra layer of rubber for dampening. Hand flexing them feels like drawing an English long bow. Clicking in on snow they feel planted and stable, but with a sense of readiness ‘ like a rattle snake, coiled and tensed for the strike. They’re not quite full FIS slalom race skis, but the heritage is obviously there. Point them downhill, engage the tip and work them into a turn and the edges cut and hold the most bulletproof snow with the silky smooth feel K’stle do so well; but slacken off or let your weight slip back over the tails and they’ll turn around and bite you, before slithering off laughing. For skiers with the strength and skill to harness the RX12 SL’s power they’re sheer joy, honed and crafted into a single-minded tool for the slicing of corduroy, pinging back and forth across the fall-line with surgical precision. Like a scalpel in their focus, but supercharged with lasers: they reward proper guidance with explosive performance and composure at any speed on any slope angle ‘ the faster and steeper the better – but like the double-bladed sword of proverb they cut both ways, and can punish sloppy handling mercilessly. The RX12 SL makes no pretence at user-friendliness or versatility. This is not a ski to cruise to a nice long lunch on ‘ it wants to carve hard and fast slalom turns everywhere, all the time, disdaining the very idea of a skid or pivot. And if that’s your idea of a good day on the hill, there’s no better ski out there.

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Includes binding

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Turn Radius (m) at ski length

Sidecut (mm) (tip/waist/tail)

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