K2 – Pinnacle 95

A superb and easy all-mountain ski with less outright poke than, say, an Enforcer, but a much more enjoyable all-day ride if you haven’t put the training yards in before your trip. The pick of our ‘be real about your fitness’ options, which will still deliver performance. The new ski in the Pinnacle lineup is the 88, which is an easier option. Thing is, the 95 isn’t too aggressive and skis so well on piste that we’d stick with that model. From our first test: “Piste performance is way above average for a 95mm ski, with everything from smoothness to high speed grip scoring strongly. The shape and rocker are new, with a pin tip and tail shortening the on-edge running length but despite this the ski is optimised for longer radius turns. Squat down and give it some power on the way in, however, and feel the Pinnacle tighten right up and power out again. That’ll be the metal in the tail coming into play and delivering a piste ski’s drive. It’s what we love about the Pinnacle – it’s so easy to jam on, looks anti-establishment with it’s lime-green topcoat yet plays any game you want it to depending on how it’s skied.”

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Includes binding


Available Lengths

Turn Radius (m) at ski length

Sidecut (mm) (tip/waist/tail)

Weight (g per pair)