K2 – Marksman

Asymmetric skis are back! Well, there’s another pair on the market now, delivering a cunning way to tickle out a bit of end-weight for spins and laying down different turn shapes. The skis themselves – do we call them Marksmans? Marksmen? – are a wide-body freeridey/freestyle ski with great stability. And, with that magic 106mm underfoot that this season’s crop of fattish twins features, we’re finding the same sort of attitude if not performance. The Marksman feels stiffer than the outgoing Shreditor 102 which it sort of replaces; and that also makes it the stiffest of the Armada and the Faction 106s. As such it skis more like a freerider than a freestyle ski, with less buttery ends than the Armada and the asymmetric sidecut makes riding switch a bit trickier than a straight cut long-radius ski. So, best to use the power and shape to carve harder than you’d think and fly further!




Includes binding


Available Lengths

Turn Radius (m) at ski length

Sidecut (mm) (tip/waist/tail)

Weight (g per pair)