Black Crows – Orb

A stiffer, chargier ski than the new Captis, and added metal makes this more focussed on getting the power down than the outgoing version of the Orb. Pretty strong in flex, and very torsionally stiff with classic camber and nice deep sidewalls – no surprise that the mid-radius turn shape needs a bit of a prod. The tail has good punch out of turns, but it’s not a snappy ski because you’re not forcing it around super-tight corners. We’d pitch this as a more hardpack and crud-biased ski than the Captis unless you’re old skool and used to flexing skis to get them to turn in soft snow, rather than the ski doing all the work as in a rockered or softer model. Overall the updated flex is a useful revision which differentiates the Orb from the rest of the range and delivers a pukka wide body classic all mountain ski for the partially power crazed.

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Includes binding


Available Lengths

Turn Radius (m) at ski length

Sidecut (mm) (tip/waist/tail)

Weight (g per pair)