Tried and tested: Thule Snowpack Extender Ski Rack

Skiing with freeride legend Seb Michaud

Fall-Line spends a day in La Clusaz getting gnarly with the

This small French ski resort is epic on a powder day

Flowing pistes, rolling plateaus and epic pillow lines.

How to change edges in the air

Practise spring-loaded turns on-piste to maximise the fun in pow or

The Portes du Soleil’s secret ski hill, Grande Terche

Up the road from Morzine lies a secret ski resort with

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Don’t ski around them, ski through the devils! Here is how

How to air a roller

Make like Bode Miller by mastering this super-easy trick Clearly this

How to 360 off a natural kicker

Want to jazz up your favourite freeride section with some trickery,

Getting to the core of Dynastar skis

Most mass-produced skis today are made in the Far East. Not
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