The only thing Snow+Rock product trainers Matt Skinner and Andy White love more than carving fresh lines is moulding fresh minds. When they’re not doing what they do best in the mountains, they’re busy training in-store experts at Snow+Rock to help them get you geared up for the slopes.

When it comes to freeride skiing and backcountry touring, comfort and performance are king. The experts at Snow+Rock love exploring the whole mountain, so they know a thing or two about getting the right gear.

And if you want gear that performs, season after season, you have to start by finding the right fit. We hear from Snow+Rock experts Matt and Andy on the importance of custom fitting.


“You can’t underestimate the value of an expert ski boot fitting, especially for freeride and touring. If you’re spending all day on the mountain, heading up as well as down, you need the right boot, the right bindings and the right hardware. Finding the ideal combination for you and your ski style is what we do best.

Custom ski boot fitting is available in all our stores, with experts trained to assess, stretch, mould and re-engineer your boots for a perfect fit, superior support and ultimate comfort. But we also understand the nuances of which bindings to pair with which boots and which hardware is best suited to wherever you want to play.

With three major touring binding options – pin bindings (such as Marker Alpinist), frame bindings (such as Marker F12 Tour EPF) and hybrid tour bindings (Salomon/Atomic Shift) – and a choice of four boot soles, figuring out what’s right for your ski set-up can be a challenge. That’s where we come in.

Our in-store experts can tell you which sole fits which binding, what best suits a freeride or backcountry style, or suggest a different insole for a touring boot. The key is letting your feet ‘feel’ the terrain on the way up; a boot and insole combination that allows your foot to balance and work naturally means a more comfortable tour. Your safety is important, and you can walk around the store in both the ski and hike mode to get a feel for how the boot will work and what range of motion you can expect. Trust us: you’ll appreciate the extra time taken to fine-tune the fit and won’t have to compromise on the mountain.”


“Just as important for freeride skiing is your helmet and goggle set-up. A wider field of vision makes it easier to find your line, and interchangeable or photochromatic lenses keep you adaptable to changing weather conditions. Hybrid construction helmets are ideal for the backcountry, offering a combination of lightweight performance and durable protection. Our experts can help you up your off-piste game with solid advice and some of our favourite headgear pieces from the best in the business including Smith, Oakley and Sweet Protection.

Never compromise when it comes to freeride and backcountry: speak to our experts and get a custom fitting to nail your ski set-up.

Here are a few of our freeride favourites for the season ahead and some killer combos to get you geared up for your best winter yet.”



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