Glen Plake at the UK Ski Test 2019 – Robert Grew Photography

Written by the passionate and read by the dedicated, Fall-Line Skiing is the real skier’s magazine.

For the past 25 years we’ve been shining the light on dream destinations, uncovering secret stashes, exploring beyond the ropes and testing gear in the harshest of high mountain environments.

Our mission is to stoke your freeride flame and help you reach your summit in safety and in style.

We are serious and smiley powder people.


– The most valuable people in winter sports: 25-45 year olds who are still looking for fresh experiences and have the money to make it happen. We’ve been talking to this audience for the last 22 seasons. All our readers do ski.

– Our regular research shows that they take three trips per year (17.5 days), tend to organise groups of eight or more and change their gear regularly to ski in different conditions.

– We influence 111,000 holidays and 63% of our readership have driven or want to drive to the Alps.


– 21,500 readership

– 24,000 social media following

– 30,000 e-newsletter opted-in subscribers

– c.240k Website unique users in season


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“Fall-Line represents the aspirations of the UK snowsports scene. The inspirational content and immersive imagery ensure it is as relevant today as when the first copy came out more than 25 years ago.”

Mark Brigham, Ellis Brigham

“The most enthusiastic skiers look to Fall-Line for guidance on what to buy, where to go and what’s new in the snowsports world. For our clients targeting those types of skiers, Fall-Line has a special voice.”

James Gambrill, Expedient Marketing/Listex 

“Fall-Line Magazine has given us at Atomic a perfect way to present our brand and our products to a niche but captive audience of freeskiers and backcountry lovers. This, along with the fact that Dickie and the team are so easily contactable, makes it a real pleasure to work with Fall-Line.”

Tord Nilson, Marketing Manager, Atomic

“Working with Fall-Line over the last few years has allowed us to target and reach the most active audience in the UK snowsports scene. They cater to our every need and are always on hand to help!”

Iain Cox, Rossignol

“Salomon invests in vertical media to efficiently target our communication. Fall-Line has such cool & high quality content, readers revisit issues as they plan their next adventure in the snow.”

Neville Tam, Salomon

“Many thanks to ‘the one and only’ Fall-Line Magazine for all their help and professionalism in promoting our products”

Andy Taylor, Ski Equipment UK

“Created for and by wintersports fanatics, Fall-Line is a trusted publication that gives a great overview of all the clothing and equipment available in the UK market. For us it’s a great way to reach out to our customer base.”

Inga Taylor, Amer Sports

“I look forward to receiving my first Fall Line of the season. It’s well-written and enthusiastically embraces the sport. It certainly kick starts my ski season.”

Stephanie Briggs, Spring PR

“There are a few places left in the world where I have not skied but desperately want to. Fall-Line hunts those places out and makes my desire to get out there even stronger. That’s aspirational reading.”

Graham Bell

“Fall-Line is a great magazine. They listen to you, work closely with you, and happen to produce a fantastic, informative and interesting ski magazine.”

Bruce Duncan, Marketing Manager, Haglöfs


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