If you’re looking at this, you may be wondering ‘Why is this website called Fall-Line? Wouldn’t “Keen Skiers Click Here” be a better name?’

You’d possibly be right, because the web likes names which say it like it is. But Fall-Line is also a magazine, started by a bunch of ex-pat Brits in Chamonix in 1991, dedicated to fantastic skiing. Everyone who reads the mag finishes it and can’t wait to hit the slopes. It’s like an injection of snow that starts in September and doesn’t let up until March, filling you with inspiration.

The Fall-Line test team in action in Kühtai, Austria | Callum Jelley

Our writers are a mix of the best skiers on the globe and the best writers about skiing – the latter would be the first to admit they’re not dropping off cliffs any day soon, but they’ll find the secret runs full of fresh powder and the gear that will make your skiing even better.

Fall-Line is funny, irreverent, knowledgeable, tuned-in and industry-leading. People like the way it’s written and they like the take we have on skiing. Our website holds far more information in one place, but it doesn’t give anything like the rounded feel of being on the slopes that Fall-Line the magazine does. We love making it, we take the responsibility of the printed word seriously and we know that there’s nothing as inspiring as reading a great mag.

Made by skiers: Fall-Line editor Nicola | Callum Jelley

The Team

Editor: Nicola Iseard

Editor: Yolanda Carslaw

Gear and Online Editor: Sophie Nicholson

Editor at Large: Jonny Richards

Backcountry Editor: Martin Chester

Staff Writer/Photographer: Will Robson

Art Editor: Nic Lang

Publishing Office Manager: Elaine Fincher

Advertising: Rich Evans (sales at fall-line.co.uk)

Marketing Manager: Elaine Fincher

Publisher at large: Richard ‘Dickie’ Fincher

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