Win an all-in-one ski suit from Retro Mountain

Show us your best ski outfit to win a vintage-inspired ski suit from Retro Mountain


We’ve teamed up with Retro Mountain to give away one his or her ski suit worth £300. Retro Mountain have reinvented and improved the classic 1980s ski suit, combining bold, attention-grabbing designs with seriously functional features.

The range consists of three men’s and three women’s suits, all channeling bold retro vibes while still offering enough quality features for all-mountain shredding. They’re waterproof to 2000mm, as well as being breathable, with graduated insulation so you stay warm in all the right places. Clever finishing touches include a removable belt, fleece-lined collar and integrated thumbhole.

For your chance to win one of Retro Mountain’s head-turning suits just upload a photo of your favourite ski outfit using the form below.


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