Two awesome prizes up for grabs in our Christmas giveaway

We’re halfway through our 12 days of Christmas Facebook giveaway, so we’ve got two ace prizes to give away, a Sportviz ski goggle and a CoolBoard

The first prize is a Sportviz ski goggle (RRP £45) including a prescription lens Inzert (£25+). The ideal solution for glasses wearers, it ensures warmth and comfort thanks to a triple layer face foam.


The exciting bit is the snap-in prescription lens, which offers 20/20 vision for glasses wearers, including Bifocal and Varifocal, so you can enjoy the mountain even when the weather doesn’t play ball. 

The second prize is a CoolBoard (worth £98), which is ideal for improving your ski and snowboard legs and fitness away from the slopes.  Freely floating on a ball, CoolBoard, which is handcrafted in Bristol with sustainable wood, is the only balance board that can offer the same movement as being on the snow.


Highly effective CoolBoard core busting exercises are included in the workout for full body conditioning, preparing you for more performance and less injury.

Want to win them? Just head to our Facebook page and like, comment or share the post before midnight to be entered.

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