This new touring boot is a gamechanger

The Atomic Backland has raised the game in touring boots, and that’s why it’s our boot of the year

The new Backland boot has greater cuff mobility than your ankle |Garret Grove / Atomic

The new Backland boot has greater cuff mobility than your ankle |Garret Grove / Atomic

Clever, clever, clever. It’s a boot you could stare at and admire, and then wear, ski and climb in and admire further. It’s not just an incredible entry into the touring and backcountry sector, it’s a amazing boot in its own right. It has a new Free/Lock 2.0 mechanism that frees the cuff from the shell for 74° cuff mobility – that is more than your ankle.


The Frictionless Pivot creates seriously smooth movement, while the liner is fully breathable, so excess heat and moisture can escape – useful on steamy bootpacks and tours. There are four boots in the series: men’s and women’s versions, plus two super-light versions which have a carbon spine.

Read the full review in the Fall-Line Gear Guide, out now.


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