This glove might be the best ever made

The Arc’teryx Lithic glove is so good we’ve dubbed it Accessory of the Year

ARCTERYX_F15-Lithic Glove-Crimson Flare

It’s not often we get pumped about gloves, but then again it’s not often that such thought and technical prowess gets woven into a bit of kit the size of a hand.

Arc’teryx have put as much effort into making this glove as they do their jackets, with features like fully-taped seems, a baffled cuff and supple yet bombproof three-layer Gore-Tex.

The dexterity is second to none, with a pattern that mimics each individual finger and lightweight, breathable Primaloft lining. It gets a big, very warm, thumbs up from us.

We’ll be revealing all the ski and gear of the year winners on over the next few weeks, or you can grab a copy of issue 135 and find out the winners right away. 

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