This binding is the best innovation we’ve seen this year

The Marker Kingpin is a truly groundbreaking touring binding, and this year’s Innovation of the year

The Marker Kingpin has revolutionised the pin binding market | Callum Jelley

The Marker Kingpin has revolutionised the pin binding market | Callum Jelley

It was the noise of the ski shows, and it’s a top-end backcountry binding. Just shows how important the sector is becoming. This is a very robust pin binding with an alpine-like heel release.

The key is strength and elasticity – alpine bindings allow some boot movement before release to cater for aggressive skiing; the Kingpin does too. It’s the new breed, dudes.

MARKER kingpin

Read the full review in the Fall-Line Gear Guide, out October 17.

We’ll be revealing all the ski and gear of the year winners on over the next few weeks, or you can grab a copy of issue 135 and find out the winners right away. 

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