These new skis never need to be waxed

These no-wax skis from Melt might just be the next big thing

These first came to our attention via a video of a hairy arm-pitted model, which was… confusing! After a few minutes we realised it wasn’t a political statement on shaving, but in fact the launch of a new ski brand Melt.

Their big story is that their skis don’t need to be waxed. This is achieved by using Nivylen, a co-polymer material with a helix structure for better gliding. Melt also claims that the base is harder and more durable than others, adapts to different temperatures and is easily repaired.

But before we get too excited about never having to wax our rides again, how do they ski? Fall-Line reader Jamie Thom tested a pair of Melt Absent skis, the brand’s freeride offering, at Stubai glacier last month and was impressed: “Probably the best all-rounder I’ve skied! Even if you don’t consider the new base technology, for 110mm-waist skis, they handled incredibly well on the piste.”

The Absent ski is 110 underfoot but skis well all over the mountain

The Absent ski is 110 underfoot but skis well all over the mountain

Melt offer park, all-mountain, freeride and big mountain skis, with prices starting at €349 without bindings. 

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