These new baselayers make temperature control easier

These long johns can be whipped off in seconds, making them handy for tourers on the go

One of the big problems with ski touring is managing your heat. Either you forgo baselayers and start off cold, or you keep them on and quickly turn into a hot, sweaty mess, no matter how breathable your long johns.

Enter Northern Playground, a Norwegian company who are dedicated to personal climate control. The big story in their range is Ziplongs, long johns with full-length zips on both legs so you can easily whip ’em off mid-skin… interesting! Digital editor Mary gave them a whirl: “First-off, these are top-quality base layers, made with breathable merino wool that I’d happily use as my regular long johns. But the story here is the zippers: They work well, with colour coordinated zips so you know which sides to zip together, though getting them back on can be a little fiddly.

“I can see the appeal of removing your base layers halfway up a skin track, and while the Ziplongs certainly make it easier, you still have to drop your trousers to take them off, which means exposing your bare skin to the elements. I know some tourers who’d be happy doing this, but for me it’d be a last resort. Great idea guys, but I’m not fully convinced.”

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