The Great Ski Bake Off – The winners

Which of your fabulous ski cakes have won the bake off prize?

Thanks to everyone who entered our Great Ski Bake Off – what a talented bunch you are! And without further ado, here our are top three cakes, and winner of Scott Sanction goggles.

3rd Place


Congratulations Myriam Jenkins Valabregue, who made this heavenly looking ski wedding cake‎ complete with fondant pine trees and snowflake details. Very classy! 

2nd Place


We love the attention to detail on Jason Connolly’s cake, complete with snowballs, piste markers and the all-important John Muir quote.

1st Place

First place goes to @BecksBake, whose snowball-themed cake (starring her husband) features a hidden surprise… Seriously clever stuff!


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