Simon ashton

How to go skiing on the cheap

From kipping in a Scottish bothy to finding a bed ‘down

What does it take to be a world-beating skier?

To have flexibility, agility, coordination, power, endurance and strength seems a

Skis through the ages

From K2 Fours to Salomon Axe Cleavers, Simon Ashton reflects on

What does the future hold for ski design?

Design has come a long way since Shane McConkey pioneered fat

Eeny, meeny, Bibby Pro

I recently had a tough time going through my quiver of skis

No snow blues…

Lots of friends, both pro and recreational skiers, have been grumbling

Why T-bars are the key to untracked snow

A hellishly steep drag or a creaky old-school chair with slatted

Essex in the Alps

Simon Ashton on why Sauze d’Oulx, where a one-bed rental apartment


Simon Ashton on dam wall wipe-outs, getting old and pulling off
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