boot doctor

Boot Doctor: How to store your ski boots over the summer

Janine from Pro Feet has the answer to your summer boot


Last season I got new boots and they made my feet

Boot doctor: Does ski boot flex matter?

"I find it hard to flex forward in my boots. Have

Boot Doctor: How should ski boots fit?

Janine from Profeet answers your ski boot questions

Boot doctor: How to solve sore shins

I get sore shins when I ski – they feel almost

Boot doctor: What can I expect from a boot fitting appointment?

Our resident boot doctor Janine Winter on what you should expect from

Boot Doctor: Why do I get cramping and burning under my arches?

Janine Winter from Profeet answers your ski boot questions. Email

Boot doctor: How should ski boots fit?

Janine Winter from Profeet answers your ski boot qs. Email

Boot Doctor: How to know if your boots are worn out

Q: How do I know when my boots are worn out?
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