Fish’n’jibs: a summer shred session on the Zermatt glacier

Glacier ice keeps the fish fresh during the long hot summer!

If you think skiing is a winter activity only, you’re wrong! It’s a commonly held misconception that skiing stops in the summer, but in fact there are a handful of glaciers that remain open as bastions of snowy refuge to the truly obsessed.

The fishy El.Makrell crew number among those winter-loving freaks, and escaped the hot sweaty summer of the alpine valleys for one more glorious park shred session high up on the Zermatt glacier in the shadow of the Matterhorn.

el.makrell | fish’n’jibbs

‎freshfood‬ from ‪‎elmakrell‬ straight outta Zermatt where it got to taste greasy pizza and hang with french fries and freeski crews 🗻 songs: Matterhorn – The Country Gentleman Grauzone – Eisbär riders: Sebastian Färber Tobi Huber Miki Vergara Sven Rauber Rosina Friedl edit: Ludwig Hagelstein

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