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Wigwam Socks

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A note from our publisher

Publisher Dickie in a Wigwam, wearing Wigwams.

Publisher Dickie in a Wigwam, wearing Wigwams. One of the stranger photos we’ve ever taken

“I liked them so much… I thought you guys should have some, too! Oh yes, I do love my Wigwams (both the housing and footwear variety). Worn on every occasion from formal dinners to a night out with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Wigwam socks are de rigueur for non-sweaty feet and blister avoidance. Constructed with different mixes of merino wool, merino blends and ultra-wicking Dri-Release fibres, these are socks to take skiing up a notch in comfort, two notches in warmth and three notches in owning socks beginning with W!

“From someone who quite literally can’t have enough socks, to you, the readers who are almost probably definitely in the same situation, I say,: “Subscribe and let the Wigwams come to you”.

Dickie Fincher, Publisher and Presidential candidate (campaign motto: ‘If they can; I bet I can’)

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About Wigwam:

Since 1905, Wigwam has manufactured high quality socks from its HQ in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. A 4th generation family business, producing first-rate performance socks is in Wigwam’s DNA.

Wigwam’s range of high-quality snow-sport models combine carefully selected yarns with the brand’s patented Ultimax® construction technology for socks that are guaranteed to keep feet dry, comfortable and blister-free on the slopes.

Wigwam Logo

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