Steep and Mythic: Exploring the gnarliest terrain in the Alps

Extreme skiers Vivian Bruchez and Samuel Anthamatten take an amateur skier on a life-changing mission to some of Zermatt and Chamonix’s most testing faces

Two extreme skiing pros, 10 days and some of the most testing ski terrain on the planet. It’s the stuff of dreams. But for 31-year-old Swiss skier Phillip Crivelli it’s reality.

After entering Julbo’s White Session competition, he was selected from a shortlist of 10 amateur skiers to spend 10 days skiing with pro skiers Vivian Bruchez and Samuel Anthamatten. Samuel and Vivian’s mission? To share their vision of skiing and the mountains with Phillip.

Cue an epic adventure above Samuel and Vivian’s hometowns of Zermatt and Chamonix, filled with abseils, steep-sided gullies and technical descents.

A Steep & Mythic skiing trip – featuring Vivian Bruchez & Sam Anthamatten


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