This is what skiing three metres of Himalayan powder looks like

The Salomon Freeski crew arrived in Kashmir just before an epic storm dropped three metres of snow on Gulmarg

Salomon have been running their ‘Dream Trip’ competition for three years now, but the latest may have been the dreamiest yet.

Twenty-two year old Lovisa Rosengren from Sweden was the lucky winner, and she choose Gulmarg, Kashmir as her dream trip spot with Cody Townsend and Kalen Thorien. What was supposed to be a cultural trip turned into so much more when a huge storm rolled in just after their arrival, dropping over three metres of snow on the Himalayan resort.

As Cody Townsend said, “it could just be even too deep to ski… which is a problem you don’t have too often.”

Salomon TV: Dream Trip: Kashmir

Twenty-two year old Swede, Lovisa Rosengren, chooses Gulmarg, Kashmir as her dream trip spot with Cody Townsend and Kalen Thorien. What was supposed to be a cultural trip, turns into so much more when a 3 meter storm rolls through the resort.

Gulmarg is certainly one of the wildest and most thrilling ski destinations on the planet, with extreme weather, incredible terrain – and sadly, occasionally combustible local politics. Read our digital editor’s account of heliskiing in Gulmarg HERE.

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