Watch: The Ski Test Movie

One ski resort, eight testers, 367 skis… here’s how we got on at the 2015 ski test in Kühtai

Here we go. We actually managed to make a ‘This is what we do when we’re testing’ movie this year, despite sitting out the bluebird days while Callum the filmer had root canal work. No, really. We head out to do a proper job, and the main man has a bandage around his head and spends time with a dentist who could have come straight from the Little Shop of Horrors.

Anyhow, enjoy watching Chrigl, Cal, Chloe and other members of the crew trying to find a way down through the whiteout during the whitest day of the 2015/16 ski test in Kühtai. Skis on show include the Blizzard Bonafide and Spur, Faction Candide 3.0, K2 Pinnacles, Fischer Rangers, Rossignol Soul 7, Atomic Automatics, Line Mordecai, Scott Punishers and Nordica Enforcer, with bit parts from the Black Diamond Boundary 115 and Nordica Hells Belles.

Read all about our favourite skis from the test in the 2015/16 Gear Guide, out now.

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