Perspective, a British ski film

Perspective is a UK freeski film and was created by Ross Welch. Ross, a semi-professional freestyle skier from the UK was spending the season in Mayrhofen, Austria where he would train and compete in surrounding countries.

The season was shaping up to be a good one for Ross with some great competition results and coverage. Unfortunately in the lead up to a major competition, Ross took a fall which would bring the season to an end.

Unsure of when his injury would allow him to ski again, Ross decided to dedicate his time off skis to editing footage filmed by various friends. As the days rolled past and the footage increased, Ross thought that combining the clips into a short film would be something of a challenge which was worth persuing.

With that said and various meetings with riders, Ross had the basics to start the project. In turn leading him to the production of Perspective.



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