Theresa May and Nigel Farage take European ski holiday together after Brexit sign off

Rumours of a 180 on Brexit after pair enjoy trip to the European Alps. Could skiing save the EU?

Nigel Farage and Theresa May recently enjoyed a week at a UCPA centre together in the French Alps on a ski holiday following some hard Brexit face offs. Skiing is often seen as a relaxing way to shed stress during hard times at work and the two politicians who are known to be fierce rivals certainly manage to make up during a week on the snow.

Theresa and Nige enjoyed the perfect bluebird conditions | Photo:

Theresa and Nige enjoyed the perfect bluebird conditions | Photo:

Prime Minister May commented: “Hard Brexit, soft Brexit – it’s been an exhausting few months. Getting out on the mountain, learning a new sport, meeting lots of new and interesting people – it’s been just the week I needed. Boris has been busy for a while – I hear that UCPA have a great zip wire for him to try at Verdon.”

MEP Farrage said: “I only wish that I’d discovered UCPA years ago. I met lots of foreign people from all over Europe and the world and discovered that they share the same passion for sport that I do. Maybe Europe isn’t so bad after all. This summer I’m going to see if my good friend Donald can join me for a golf and surf week at Lacanau.”

Despite a number of falls and snow right down his back, Farage appeared to enjoy his time away in the Alps

Disclaimer: this story might not be entirely true

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