K2 Route helmet, Accessory of the Year

k2skis_1415_route_helmet_greenEvery so often there’s something you see and think ‘I’ve got to have it! Everyone is going to love this, especially ME!’

We can think of plenty of reasons why this has not been done before. A helmet. With holes. That looks like a Gatling gun has run through it. But it’s mega. Lids? Yes, the tech is pushed along every year. The venting improves. Liners are easier to wash, more likely to be antibacterial. Shape and profile is improved so they look less like you’re about to be fired out of a rocket.

But here you get an awesome look (especially in green) and at 320g it’s the lightest alpine certified helmet out there. Boa adjustment for perfect, dial-it-up-daddio fit too.

Fall-Line Skiing |
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