Five things every skier should try in Banff

Yolanda Carslaw shares her top tips for making the most of Lake Louise, Sunshine and Banff

Banff Avenue, with the 3,000m Cascade Mountain behind it |Paul Zizka

Banff Avenue, with the 3,000m Cascade Mountain behind it |Paul Zizka

1. The side-by-side double-blacks on Goat’s Eye Mountain, Sunshine. Hike up from near the top of the chair for a higher entry and longer couloirs or simply traverse and pick your line.

2. The Lake Louise back bowls. The more snow there is, the more will be open, but even in a ‘bad’ snow year this zone gets loaded with freshies in every storm, due to its aspect. Get there via Summit Platter.

3. Lunch at the North Face Bistro in Whiskey Jack day lodge, Lake Louise. ‘Lunch stations’ are manned by chefs; you choose the ingredients and they make your meal – soup and salad ($14), pasta ($16), carving ($17) or all three ($26)

4. Downtown Banff, buzzing in summer as well as winter, with appealing restaurants, bars and shops.

5. A walk on Lake Louise itself, in front of the imposing Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel. Monstrosity or marvel: you decide. We loved the bookshop just off the vast reception hall, full of mountain gems.

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