Find out why Patagonia is our Clothing Brand of the Year

With a new Backcountry Touring Collection and innovative layering solutions, Patagonia have proved they’re a brand on the run

Oh Patagonia, you had us at “Backcountry Touring Collection”. The Reconnaissance Jacket is the pick of a very good bunch, combining technical know-how with style and function that other backcountry jackets aspire to, but often don’t quite hit.

Patagonia Men's_Reconnaissance Jacket_£

Baselayer wise, we can’t wait to try the Merino Air, made with a blend of merino wool and recycled polyester, cleverly spun together to boost insulation by about 35%. Plus it’s knitted in a way that produces nearly zero waste, which is the future, bro!

Read full reviews of Patagonia’s Clothing from throughout their range in the Fall-Line Gear Guide, out now.


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