What we’re looking for is a salesperson who wants to be the link between the excellent editorial team and the exciting brands we deal with daily. Key skills include the ability to understand a client’s needs and communicate a proposition clearly.

Fall-Line Media is expanding further into digital output and this will suit a salesperson who is comfortable pitching and fulfilling a multi-media proposition.

The job covers every sort of client – the industry is small and we don’t have specialised roles for key accounts, classified or digital. All of our clients are interested in a complete package and it’s up to you to make them relevant.

A basic understanding of production across all media is important. This role is not responsible for copywriting or design, but we do work closely with clients to tailor packages to be most effective.

Targets are set by issue and also by season; the ski title runs from September to February and the Outdoor Adventure Guide is spring and summer. Both have year-round digital propositions. Commission and bonuses are paid monthly and seasonally.

We’re a small team and most of us are scattered around the mountains. This role is based in our Peterborough office, though there is significant opportunity for travel including overseas.

There are key national and international trade shows to visit, working with the editorial team.

Knowledge of the trade isn’t key – proven sales experience is what we’re after – but the ski and outdoor trade offers fantastic experiences for anyone engaged with it.

Applicants should send a CV and 200-word assessment of who they would want to pitch Fall-Line to, and why, to admin AT fall-line.co.uk

Application Deadline Extended: Thursday  29th March 2018


Hugely respected by readers and the industry, Fall-Line magazine shows how effectively a specialist title can talk to the right audience. With our increasing weight online and on social media, candidates should be comfortable talking about everything the company offers.


Fall Line Skiing

  • Read by the most valuable people in winter sports: 25-45 year olds who are still looking for fresh experiences and have the money to make it happen. We’ve been talking to this audience for the last 22 seasons. All our readers do ski.
  • Our regular research shows that they take three trips per year (17.5 days), tend to organise groups of eight or more and change their gear regularly to ski in different conditions.
  • We influence 111,000 holidays and 63% of our readership have driven or want to drive to the Alps.

Key Stats:

– 13,000 circulation
– 24,402 e-newsletter opted-in subscribers

The Outdoor Adventure Guide

The only UK magazine and website talking to 25-45 year olds about wide-ranging outdoor activities from watersports to mountaineering.

We’re continuing the successful package of UK-based spring and summer adventures and regular European regions, plus the contacts and gear to make them happen.

Sticking to Fall-Line Media’s core strengths of delivering relevant, useful information in a timely and entertaining way, the OAG makes it easy for our 25-45 year old readers to plan the six trips they take every year.

Key Stats:

OAG’s well-established brand boasts:

·         11,000 sold across the UK News stands
·         16,690 opted-in/subscribers of the OAG e-newsletter
·         22,400 unique monthly web users (year-round site)
·         Average reader age 34 years
·         6 activity trips booked per annum

Fall-Line Skiing Magazine
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