Your chance to write for Fall-Line (and win a £500 voucher from Snow+Rock)

Fancy yourself as a ski writer? Then tell us a tale from the mountains…

We don’t have to scroll very far down our Twitter feed, or flick very far through Instagram, to realise that the readers of Fall-Line are a very, very talented bunch, with enough ski anecdotes between them to fill an entire library. High time then, that we celebrate your high-altitude feats with our first-ever (well, in recent memory) reader writing competition.rig3hilsa4e-kalen-emsley (1)

The theme is “The Line Of My Life”. It could just as well be about your first stumble down a dry ski slope as it could about heliskiing in Alaska. We’re just looking for an interesting story told well. The best one will be printed in Fall-Line’s April 2017 issue and win a £500 voucher from Snow+Rock. Stories from two runners-up will be published on the website.

How to enter

Write your story. First person. Third person. Past tense. Future subjunctive. Whatever. Email it to by 10 February with the subject line “The Line Of My life”. The word  count should be between 500 and 600 words. If you have any photos, please send samples over too. If you’re successful, one of our team will be in touch by 20 February 2017. Happy writing!


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