Battle of the ski resorts: Andermatt

How does Andermatt, Switzerland, rank in our Battle of the Ski Resorts 

Nominated by Martin

Ease of access 7/10

Fly to Zurich then super efficient Swiss trains whisk you there in 2.5 hours.

Sense of scale and epicness 9/10

Off the scale! The Gemstock is my desert island lift, with superb freeride terrain of all aspects and gradients.

Variety and quality of the pistes 6/10

The main event is steep – really steep. You don’t come here for the pistes. But people often overlook Andermatt’s sunny side over in Nätschen.

Off-piste potential 10/10

Every appetite is catered for. Ski as far as you like in any direction, and there will be a train to whisk you home once the snow runs out.

Lapability 7/10

Hell yeah! But don’t expect to throw too many laps of the same run.

On-hill grub 5/10

Too busy salivating over the next run to eat anything but powder…

Après scene 6/10

Start off with a glass of something chilled in the River House bar.

Base suitability 7/10

The perfect base for an intoxicating mix of day tours and great huts, all linked by train. Start of many tours, including the classic Tour de Soleil.

Family friendly? 7/10

Better than you would imagine. The lift pass covers a huge area and is well worth checking out – all linked by bus and train.

RANK: Joint 12th

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