Our Backcountry Issue – February 2017

Our inspiration-packed backcountry issue covers everything from mountain snacks to ski touring with the kids

001-cover-149-finalThe snow has come to the Alps, and our backcountry special is here to let you make the most of it. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Four ways to enjoy Norway’s backcountry
  • Interviews with freeski legends Stian Hagen and Daron Rahlves
  • How to reach deserted powder fields from Mont Blanc’s new cable car
  • A day in the life of an avalanche forecaster
  • The key to skiing steeps
  • Why you should take your kids touring
  • A local’s guide to Bad Gastein
  • Snacks to take on your next backcountry adventure
  • Fitness secrets to stay injury free
  • Essential kit for ski adventures
  • How to nail the kink rail

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