Atomic Hawx 2.0, Boot of the Year

Hawx 2.0 100The Hawx has been a go-to boot for the past four years, with a flexible forefoot preventing cramped, frozen toes and winning the thanks of skiers globally. Though no performance machine, it was controlled and versatile enough for plenty of serious skiers to consider. A fine all-mountain boot.

Now, how about adding full customisation to the shell, cuff and liner while keeping that key flex function up front? Adjustable forward lean? Grip pads underfoot for hiking? Oh, and let’s make fitting sub-15 minutes.

The fit process is the increasingly common shell-heat, followed by standing still in slightly too hot boots. And then you’re off.

We like boots that make people like skiing. The charge is on with full customisation, and Salomon and Fischer are already well down the route. The Hawx 2.0 is everyday relevant and runs from a 90 flex through to 130, which is plenty powerful. One of the most usable boots around now has a punchy upper-end model so folk who want to ski hard can do it without squeaking. Count us in.

Fall-Line Skiing |
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