And the overall ski brand of the year is…

With a stellar collection powder, all-mountain, freestyle and piste skis, Völkl is a brand on the run

Everything in Völkl's range, from piste skis to big mountain funsters, impressed this year|Pally Learmond / Völkl

Everything in Völkl’s range, from piste skis to big mountain funsters, impressed this year|Pally Learmond / Völkl

It was almost K2 because it’s getting onto a full-on roll, but then from the same stable we looked through the results and realised one brand just kept claiming the gongs: Völkl.

Don’t forget, last year the Völkl Mantra was our overall winner and there were plenty on the panel who’d have kept it there again. It’s a brand riding high, and we’d gladly point any of you at almost any of their skis and know we’re doing the right thing for your riding and for your wallet.

Read more about Völkl’s 2015-16 ski collection in the Fall-Line Gear Guide, out now.


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