All Jetforce owners should read this recall notice

Attention all Black Diamond, Pieps and POC Jetforce owners: Is your pack affected by the voluntary recall?

Black Diamond, Inc. have issued a recall for all Jetforce avalanche airbags sold between 15 November 2014 and 7 July 2015 so that they can carry out a firmware update.

If yours is affected you should immediately stop use and return it to a global warranty centre to be fixed. Head to for more information, or read the press release in full below.

Affected Packs


Black Diamond, Inc. voluntarily recalls Black Diamond, PIEPS and POC JetForce Avalanche Airbag Packs

Basel, 9.7.2015 – Black Diamond, Inc—on behalf of its subsidiary brands, Black Diamond, PIEPS and POC—is issuing a voluntary recall for all JetForce avalanche airbags that have been sold between the 15th November 2014 and 7th July 2015, in order to carry out a required firmware update.

The customers’ safety is a top priority to the Black Diamond, Inc. and its brands Black Diamond, PIEPS and POC. Hence Black Diamond, Inc. is issuing a voluntary recall for all JetForce avalanche airbags that have been sold between the 15th November 2014 and 7th July 2015. This recall is preventive. No accidents or injuries that could be associated with the described malfunctions have been reported

System malfunctions may result an involuntary shutdown and/or failure to deploy the airbag of the packs with a manufacturing date code from 4275 to 5077. These malfunctions can be resolved by a firmware update.

All users and retailers of first generation Black Diamond, PIEPS and POC JetForce Avalanche Airbag packs should immediately stop using and return it/them to one of our global warranty centres. This firmware update, and the shipping to and from our warranty centres, will be done at no cost to our customers.

For further information please check:


0041 61 564 3333

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